Fun Square


VIESHOW CINEMAS is a popular movie theatre franchise in Taiwan. To celebrate the re-opening of its flagship movie village we were given the task in creating a interactive campaign online.


Our challenge was create a new, fun and interactive game to attract a new and existing customers.


The “Fun square campaign”

A digitally interactive world that was accessible via different channels, so that users could gain access at anytime, anywhere.

Users could create personalized characters online using their facebook account. Once their character was created their avatar was added to the funsquare virtual world. The goal was to build their characters by playing fun and interactive games to increase their chance at winning viewshow prizes.

We utilized 8 different digital access channels to optimize ways to engage and participate .

Whether they used an iPhone, iPad, Android system or their personal computer everyone had the chance to be apart of the virtual world.

To have unique experiences for each device, each platform was assigned a fun interactive game exclusively to that device to help build their characters in funsquare.

From their personal computers, users could control and play various point building games by using their keyboard or facebook functions such as checking-in at vieshow cinemas or sharing with a friend.

The more participants that joined funsquare the more prizes were given out. For every 250 users that participated vieshow prizes were given out via lucky draw. At the end of the campaign a grand prize of a years worth of free movies at was giving to one lucky winner.


 Campaign Site Campaign Site Desktop Launch Site(Chinese)
 Campaign Site
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  • How to play
  • Welcome to the events page
  • Event execution procedure
  • Total participants / Prizes given out / Participants left until next prize
  • STEP1:Participate in the event
  • STEP 2: Choose and design your personal avatar
  • STEP 3:Fill in your basic information
  • STEP 4:Connect your avatar with your Facebook account
  • User will then see their avatar in the virtual world
  • In the Funsquare world the participant can choose what games they want to play
  • Provided with a selection of online or mobile games
  • STEP 5: The more the user plays, the bigger their character gets and the higher chance they have winning
  • STEP 6: Once the square reached 250 people a lucky draw would take place
  • With the grand prize being free movies for a whole year!!
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